You cannot be a young conservative and support gay marriage

As I have been watching the results of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, there have been many commentators on CNN and Fox News that claim to be conservatives, yet they endorse homosexual marriage. Not only do they support it, but they believe that being pro-gay marriage is a conservative “limited-government” platform, and we should be overjoyed by the results.

They have also said that a majority of young conservatives support it as well. This is false.

You cannot be a conservative and support same-sex marriage. When you identify as a conservative, that means that you are both fiscally and socially conservative. It also means that you favor the peace through strength philosophy, regarding national defense. This was also the description of conservatism as defined by President Ronald Reagan.

Those who identify as conservative, but support same-sex marriage are presenting a false notion as to what conservatism is, and are not true representatives of the philosophy.

Conservatism is about holding people to high expectations, and wanting to see them succeed. It is about preserving morality, and denying that it can be individually defined. Conservatism is based upon preserving policies that have stood the test of time, and only working to improve platforms when they are flawed to serve the common good.

The legalization of gay marriage is not for the common good, but rather leads to a national full of reprobates.

Ronald Reagan called homosexual marriage a “promotion” of the homosexual lifestyle.

The homosexual lifestyle has been medically proven to have negative mental, emotional and physical health effects on those who practice it. All that you have to do, is search them on WebMD.

Why would we want that for anyone? Not only that, why would we want to promote a perversion. One of the biggest problems with millennials is that it appears that many members of our generation have made it a goal to embarrass the generations of the past, by denying the existence of morality.

Rather than basing your opinions on this issue on emotion, actually research both sides of the argument, and if you do, I am convinced that you will see that homosexuality and the LGBT movement should not be embraced and supported.