CJ Pearson Calls Scott Walker a Populist, Compares him to Obama

Republican “YouTube sensation” CJ Pearson, went after Scott Walker, calling him a “populist” and even went to the extent of comparing Walker to Obama.

CJ believes that Walker doesn’t have a “backbone.” Ugh… what about his battle with the unions?


THSC reported that Pearson also said that Ronald Reagan is “not the God of conservatism” either, and had no authority to define conservative principles. Just days after attacking Walker, CJ expressed his excitement, revealing that he would be ‘hanging out’ with him.

…But it didn’t take long for CJ to start bashing him again.


Pearson also recently created a tweet making fun of Walker’s logo, but it appears that he has deleted it.

This could possibly be the result of Matt Walker, Scott Walker’s son, following CJ on Twitter.