Here are 20 pictures of Boehner crying.

boehnercryingGIFviaFRdec152013 This week, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)  turned over his speakership to Congressman  Paul Ryan (R-WI). To commerate Boehner’s  legacy, here are 20 pictures of the  representative sobbing like a baby.

“This guy is an ad for Paxil (anti-depressant drug).” —Bill Maher


They had to use an ice scraper on John Boehner’s face to get the tears off, it was so cold.” —David Letterman



“Next week Boehner will be sitting behind Obama at the State of the Union address. I think Obama should purposely try to embarrass him by telling the story of ‘Old Yeller.’ The state of our Union is strong, but not so good for one special dog.'” —Bill Maher


“Did you see the new speaker of the House John Boeher cry? He cries a lot. Mr. Boehner you’ve got to stop crying. For one, your tan is going to run.” –Bill Maher


“Isn’t fall in New York City great? The colors are brown, gold, and orange. And that’s just John Boehner’s face.” –David Letterman


“House Minority Leader John Boehner says he has never been in a tanning bed and that he gets his dark complexion from his mother. Either he’s lying or Snooki’s a lot older than she’s telling us. ” –Jimmy Fallon


“Boehner is very serious about cutting back on spending. I saw him today touching up his tan with an orange sharpie.” –Jay Leno


“One Thing John Boehner Is Not, Is Courageous.” -Mark Levin



john boehner doesnt wanna go over fiscal cliff




ronaldreagan laughing