RINO ALERT: CJ Pearson leaves Ted Cruz’s Campaign, and says he won’t vote for him.


CJ Pearson, who has been recognized by many as being a ‘conservative wiz kid’ has just spit in the face of the Ted Cruz Campaign. Pearson was named as the national chairman of Teens for Ted on September 8th. According to our sources, Pearson allegedly threatened and degraded other members of the Cruz campaign, telling them that they are not important and threatening to remove them from the campaign. This led to Pearson’s position to just become a title, which resulted in his decision to resign.

Pearson stated that the reason he left the Cruz campaign was because he felt the candidate didn’t pander to millennials.

“[Cruz] wasn’t doing enough to address the issues important to young people, like student loan debt and youth unemployment,” the Dallas Morning News reported. “I personally decided that I could make a much bigger impact for my generation, launching my own venture, than I could at the Cruz campaign.”

“Marco Rubio has done the best job addressing the issues important to young people and should be commended,” Pearson stated according to Fox News.

Before his endorsement of Ted Cruz, Pearson supported Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul for President.

This is not the first time Pearson has been involved in a controversy. The 13 year old allegedly fabricating racist comments against himself on Twitter and also claiming that he was blocked by Obama on Twitter. The White House denied Pearson’s claim and it was exposed by TheBlaze that Pearson falsified the screenshot that he used to make the claim.

The most outspoken critic of CJ Pearson is 17-year-old teenage conservative radio talk show host Caiden Cowger.

“From the very beginning, I said that CJ was a fraud,” Cowger told The High School Conservative in an exclusive interview. “People didn’t believe me, criticized me, but (as Rush Limbaugh says) don’t doubt me.”

“Pearson told me, and you guys reported, that he believed Ronald Reagan’s view of conservatism was flawed. He stated that there is not a checklist to be a conservative, which is the same garbage we hear from RINOs like John McCain. In the beginning of this year, Pearson called Ted Cruz ‘unelectable.’ That’s why it shocked me when I heard that Cruz let him join his campaign. The kid was only interested in popularity, and I had said that time and time again.

To make it even worse, he told me that in private messages. He tried to downgrade me, while building himself up by saying, ‘You will never allowed or invited to speak at the RNC and CPAC like me.’ The kid is just a border-line narcissist in my opinion, but hopefully that is just is out-of-wack teenage hormones.”

While Cowger may be the first, he is not the only one to have harsh words for CJ. Former conservative political activist and writer for the High School Conservative, Benji Backer issued a statement regarding Pearson and his activism.

“…Too many ruin it for our movement,” Benji Backer said according to Outset Magazine. “This was a classic example.”

“CJ lied to me. Numerous times,” he continued, discussing his experiences with CJ on twitter. He went on to say that he and others “tried to help CJ…but he wasn’t willing to listen.”

According to Outset Magazine, “the two had been working on projects together, but Backer grew frustrated when CJ wanted ‘his brand to grow instead’ as Backer said in his own words.”

Backer has also been involved in various controversies. In July, after the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision, Backer expressed a different view on issue, praising the SCOTUS.

This led to Cowger responding to Backer with scripture.


This then lead to Backer stating, “You give a bad name to conservatives. I finally need to call you out on it.”
Cowger responded, “No, I need to call you out. You call yourself a conservative, and you’re not. You’re just in it for popularity.”

Backer then responded, “If I was in it for the popularity, I wouldn’t turn down interviews on Fox.”

Cowger responded, “That’s hilarious. When you are ready to repent and turn to the cross, I’ll be here. 2 Timothy 4:3-4”

Days later, Backer announced in a blog entry titled Politics-What Drove Me Away, that he was leaving politics, because he felt that he was only involved for popularity.

“After my first interview on Fox News, I began to care less about my influence in the government and on elections, but more on my ‘stardom.’  For a short time, I thought that way too, until I realized how flawed my thinking was. I was becoming a different, more selfish person. Unfortunately, I’ve seen that happen with countless other activists.”

He then issued a warning, telling conservatives that there are many in the “young conservative movement” that are only interested in obtaining popularity.

“Currently, we see young conservatives on Fox News and other media outlets just because they’ve posted a ‘riveting’ YouTube video or ‘captivating’ graphic on social media. After their first major national news hit, these young conservatives attempt to gain money, stardom and even power in politics. For a while, admittedly, I was also trying to gain that prize.”

We asked Cowger about his experiences with Benji.

“Look, I do like the guy and think that at first he had his heart in the right place. I even had him on the show, praising him and had called to check up on him when he was being threatened for defending Scott Walker in Wisconsin. As time went on, I began to feel that he was more in love with the activism part, than the conservative philosophy. He became more interested in obtaining popularity, than winning over people’s hearts and minds.” Cowger stated. “But when you get down to it, I have been calling out young RINOs for years. You had Madeleine McAulay, Benji Backer and now CJ Pearson. If the conservative media would just listen to me, they could save themselves from a lot of embarrassment.”

Cowger is approaching his 5th year of hosting The Caiden Cowger Program, which is a conservative radio talk show that he began at the age of 12.