COWGER IN SEPTEMBER: CJ Pearson will embarrass many conservatives when he comes out as a Democrat.


IT WAS ALMOST PROPHETIC: On September 29, 2015, during an interview with Jayson Veley on The Jayson Veley Program, Caiden Cowger stated that “CJ Pearson will embarrass a lot of conservatives, when he comes out at 18 as a democrat.”

While CJ is not 18 yet, he has already renounced conservatism and stated that he will no longer support Ted  Cruz for President. In an interview with CJ PearsonCNN on Friday, Pearson said that “the Republican  Party’s viewpoints on racial and gender disparity as well as youth issues convinced him he  could no longer be a mouthpiece for conservatism.”

 “I was tired of being a champion of a party that turned a blind eye to racial discrimination.  Tired of being a champion  of any cause that denies equal rights to every American. Tired of  being a champion of a party that doesn’t care about the issues important to young people,”  Pearson wrote in an email.

 According to CNN, the 13-year-old, black YouTube star from Georgia stated in an interview that he began considering the change after a conversation with another teen friend, who asked why he doesn’t speak out on racial discrimination — to which he replied he was concerned his followers wouldn’t be pleased.

“Over the past few days, I thought about essentially how I don’t want people to follow me because I’m that anti-Obama kid, or who called out Hillary Clinton or who took Bernie Sanders to task,” Pearson exclaimed. “I don’t want to be the conservative wonder kid that people follow because I make them feel good and like young people are part of their movement. I want to be followed because I’m the voice of a generation that doesn’t have a voice at the table.”

“CJ raised over $3,000 to go to the 30 under 30 event, hosted by Red Alert Politics,” Cowger told Veley in September. “I was also one of the honorees, attending this event. Ali A. Akbar of the National Bloggers Club, was also responsible for raising this money. And at this event, I was expecting to see the little runt at this thing. (laughs) I went to the thing, and here he is not even there. And I am thinking, ‘Wow, you seriously just raised $3,000, and you are not even going to the event that you said you would be attending. It’s just a huge scam, Jayson, and it’s not even funny.”

“He also possibly purchased a whole bunch of twitter followers,” Cowger stated. “He only had around 4,000 but then all the sudden had thousands and thousands, over 20,000. And this was in a period of 24 hours.”

“He has said that social conservatives are the reasons why we use every election, rather than moderates, which is what we believe,” Cowger said. “Rather than looking for genuine young conservatives, the media raises up young RINOs. Knowing that the media is really liberal, of course they are not going to put us on there. Of course, they are not going to put an actual young conservative on there, because they want to make the Republican Party liberal. The best way to do that is by raising up young liberals, giving them promotions in the media.”

Jayson Veley Tag “You know, Caiden, scamming people out of money, faking these big controversies, aren’t  these things that liberals typically do, and not conservatives?” Veley asked Cowger.

 “Yeah they are, and that’s one of the things that really concerns me,” Cowger stated.  “Especially, considering that the kid changes his opinions more than he changes his socks.”

 “It’s really just disturbing to me, and to know that this kid is receiving all of this attention and    everything, but he will embarrass a lot of conservatives, when he comes out at 18 as a        democrat,” Cowger predicted.

 “You know, Caiden, you were right about Glenn Beck, you were calling him out, before a lot of other people were calling him out. You were exposing CJ before many people were calling him out. Do you have some kind of like sixth sense that you are not telling us about?” Veley asked.

“I think so, because I also did that with Madeleine McAulay and some other people. I think so, I think there is something about me where I am able to discern people,” Cowger said laughing.

“Well, I give you credit,” Veley responded.

“Well, thank you,” Cowger exclaimed.

Cowger, now 17, first began hosting his nationally syndicated radio show, The Caiden Cowger Program, at the age of 12-years-old. December 5, 2015, will mark his 5th anniversary of being on air.