COWGER CALLED IT: Dedicates entire show to his prediction that CJ Pearson was a fraud.


Since March of 2015, teenage conservative radio talk show host Caiden Cowger has tried to warn conservatives that CJ Pearson is a liberal, even stating that he will soon “embarrass them when he comes out as a Democrat.” Not even one major conservative news outlet has given Cowger credit for his prediction, but have instead ran away from the story, hanging their heads in shame. Whether they want to admit it or not, Cowger was right all along, and deserves the credit.


I will ask the question, where is Breitbart, Newsmax, Daily Caller, even Fox News? Are they embarrassed that a 17-year-old was able to read a kid better than they were, and aren’t willing to fess up to it?


Cowger has been involved since he was 12 and just celebrated his 5th year broadcasting his radio show The Caiden Cowger Program, at age 17. He is a proven conservative, yet the conservative media hasn’t done anything for him. He also hasn’t asked them for attention, either.


As far as I am concerned, if the conservative media refuses to report this story, they are nothing but a bunch of gutless cowards, just like the liberal left.