MAGA: Make America Great Again!


People who support Crooked Hillary will always defend her. She is in the wrong ALL of the time, but her supporters constantly defend every last thing she does.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters do nothing but make excuses for her. Her supporters never have any kind of logical argument to defend their reasoning for supporting her. They want to say Donald Trump and his supporters are all of these horrible things, but they are the ones who are doing corrupt, illegal things. It has gotten to the point to where many Americans don’t even feel safe anymore. Why should we feel safe?

We can no longer trust our government, we have illegals pouring across our borders everyday, the people that have authority over us are doing corrupt things behind our backs, and many Americans no longer have any morals or values. It is time for TRUE change to take place in our country. It is time for us all to come together and stand with Donald J Trump. He will help us make our powerful country great again!