Trump: ‘We should cancel the election’

At a rally in battleground Ohio, Donald Trump said the election should just be canceled, and he should automatically become president.

The GOP nominee at the rally proclaimed “And just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right?”  After Trump made this statement, the crowd went wild.  Donald Trump wants to know why the U.S. doesn’t just “cancel” the November 8th presidential election and just go ahead and make him the POTUS.

At a campaign rally in battleground Ohio on Thursday, October 27th, Trump explained the differences between himself  and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump pointed out how his tax plan is much better than Hillary Clinton’s tax plan.  He explained how his Democratic opponent plans to raise taxes on small businesses by as much as 45 percent.

This really would not work though, because the wealthy are who create jobs, and raising taxes this high on small business owners would just be a disaster for the businesses.

Donald Trump continued to point out the differences between him and his Democratic opponent, and how her policies  are “so bad.”  He said, “What are we having it for?  What are we having it for? Her polices are so bad.  Boy do we have some differences.”

It was very brave of Trump to say something like this.

Yes, we have a nation of laws, yes we have to follow these laws, and we cannot just cancel the election.  Really though, Donald Trump shouldn’t even be blamed for saying the election should just be canceled.

In all reality, Hillary Clinton should not even be allowed to run for POTUS.  She should be in prison for all of the horrible things she has done, much less run for POTUS.

We cannot just cancel the election though.  Either Trump or Hillary will win, and Trump should be a voter’s obvious choice. Let’s go Trump!  Let’s win this election!  Let’s Make America Great Again!!