During a Saturday GOP Weekly Address, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said to the American Voter “It’s time to close the history books on the Clinton’s, and to open a bright new chapter focused on the great citizens of our country.

Donald Trump’s contract includes a plan to create 25 million new jobs,  cut taxes on the middle class Americans by 35 percent, and repeal and replace the complete disaster known as ObamaCare, because it simply just does not work. ObamaCare is a complete failure and has hurt most Americans.

Donald Trump will fix our disastrous trade deals and stop the jobs from leaving our country.  Trump’s contract also includes a plan to rapidly end illegal immigration, cancel federal funding for sanctuary cities, and suspend the admission of Syrian refugees coming into our country.  The Syrian refugees are coming in by thousands, and Crooked Hillary Clinton wants to increase that by 600 hundred percent which is a disgrace.

Trump will also rebuild our military and take care of our many, many veterans who are in horrible condition.

Trump will also give every parent the right to send their kids to the school of their choice, including the many minorities who have been let down by the Democratic politicians who did absolutely nothing for them.

Trump will help reduce crime and poverty, and bring jobs and safety to our ill-conditioned inner cities.

Trump will restore the Constitution, and go by what the Constitution says instead of trying to change the Constitution like many Democrats try to do.  He will nominate Supreme Court Justices who will also protect the Constitution.

At the center of Donald Trump’s contract is to end government corruption.  There is so much corruption in our government right now, it is an absolute disgrace.  If Trump would have done half of the illegal things Hillary Clinton has done, he would not have gotten away with one thing.  He definitely would not be able to be running for POTUS.  It’s absolutely absurd how Hillary has broken the law so many times, but she is still allowed to run for President, and many people are still going to vote for her!  It’s quite shameful that she is under multiple federal investigations, but is still able to run for President.

Donald Trump is asking that Voters help elect a Republican Majority in Congress.  With a Republican majority in Congress, we can end this government corruption and help make America great again!

Trump gave up his billionaire life so that he could give back to our country.  He says America has given so much to him, and he wants to give back.  Donald Trump is doing this for the people, not for himself.  He didn’t have to do this.  He wants to help every single American citizen.  He will  make OUR country great again. We will close the history book on the Clinton’s and open a bright new chapter that is focused on the citizens of our great country!