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The Russian Collusion-An Excuse for Losing, or An Excuse For Corruption

More than a year long investigation gives several revelations, but not in the way most Anti-Trump-ers expected it to go.

It has already been more than an year since the “Russian Collusion” Investigation was started to look into any form of interference by the Russian Federation in the 2016 elections to supposedly sway the outcome of the election in favor of OUR current president Donald Trump but so far this has proved to be nothing more than a “nothing-burger”  to quote CNN’s own Van Jones which so far has covered the Russian Collusion ferociously, but as long as things went in the favor of their narrative, the coverage of the preposterous and fishy “Uranium-1 Deal” by the Clintons selling a part of our uranium to Russia is a great example.

But as things unfolded throughout 2017 and into 2018, the shocking corruption within the FBI is becoming more blatant each day with new revelations. After the firing of the former FBI director James Comey by President Trump, something which the Democrats and most of the liberals wanted to happen, but hey, it’s been done by President Trump who they so hate and despise that they chose to go on the path of hypocrisy by criticizing President Trump for this decision. If the “FBI director has no credibility” to quote Maxine Waters why would you want such a person to investigate President Donald Trump? But that is all now resolved and settled, just to expose the corruption at several stages related to this investigation.

Here’s a list of corruptions within this whole “Russian Collusion”-

1. The Corruption in the DNC – Regardless things continued, and soon it became known that the “Trump Russian Dossier” was literally fake news. The Trump Dossier was pushed by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign, who gave $9 million to Perkins Coie to push it. And just when you would think it wouldn’t get any worse, the then DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the now DNC Chairman Tom Perez denied having paid $9M to the firm to hire former British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele to create the now infamous “trump russian dossier”. As if completely oblivious to this fact the FBI continued to investigate, even thought the dossier played a big part in the opening of the investigation. And this is the part just related to the Russian Collusion conspiracy. As has also been previously revealed, the DNC rigged the elections, at least the primaries to go in the favor of Hillary Clinton, something the then candidate Donald Trump suggested and was laughed at, but now their is ample proof that this happen. With the moderators asked not to attack Hillary Clinton and to keep their focus on grilling Bernie Sanders, who very conveniently said to dig his own grave that the American people are tired of hearing about her “damn emails”, to the handing over of the questions to be asked by the moderator in the First Presidential Debate to Hillary Clinton, there is corruption all along.

2. The Corruption in the Mueller Investigation Part 1 – Robert Mueller continues with the investigation, which President Trump calls a witch hunt, which it probably might be. The thing wrong with this Mueller Investigation is the ties of several investigators with the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton herself. Andrew Weissman, one of the investigators in the Mueller investigation attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party at Javits Center at New York City, which obviously didn’t go as it was expected to gp with the then candidate Donald Trump winning the election. So a person who attends a party which was supposed to be celebrating Hillary Clinton’s election to the office of the President of the United States is now investigating President Donald Trump. It is axiomatic to say that Andrew Weissman wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election since he attended a party which was supposed to celebrate that very thing.

Not only this, Aaron Zebley,  who is not only an investigator but also the former Chief of Staff to Robert Mueller when he served as the FBI director represented Justin Cooper, who in turn was largely responsible for setting up the Clinton’s private server and a key figure in the Clinton e-mail scandal.

Besides this, Jeannie Rhee, an investigator, was also a “former partner at WilmerHale, represented ex-Obama National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering case, and Hillary Clinton herself in a lawsuit seeking access to her private emails.” as best said by Fox News, considering that not many news agencies cover these scandals.

The biggest thing :- they still are a part of the investigation.

3. The Corruption within the Mueller Investigation Part 2 – Just in the past few months, text messages between Peter Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page surfaced. Both of them were a part of Mueller’s investigating team. Peter Strzok openly stated that the President is an oaf and expressed his personal contempt for him and talked about an insurance policy to prevent the then candidate Donald Trump from becoming President.

But that isn’t the only thing that is shocking, until recently, more texts surfaced with Peter Strzok referring to a Secret Society meant to influence the elections as well. Since the beginning, folks like the Youtuber Mark Dice and Alex Jones have been called conspiracy theorists and have been mocked by the liberal-leftists for speaking about such secret societies like the Bilderberg Group and the Bohemian Grove. After so many revelations from people within the FBI it doesn’t seem like it is a conspiracy theory to take down former President Barack Obama, it does seem like a real, factual, plausibly existent secret society which does function within the government, which is apparently responsible for putting people in the white house. The context of these messages, according to lawmakers and congressmen talking about this, is the same insurance policy that Strzok referred to in the messages which surfaced nearly 2 months ago, in Dec. 2017.

Personal contempt for somebody is natural, and it is also natural for the contempt to reflect upon the dealings between the two people, and hence bias is definitely a problem, but what is more problematic is the direct involvement or the direct knowledge  of an attempt to prevent the then Candidate Donald Trump from assuming office, regardless of what the majority of the 50 states want their President to be. Strzok clearly stated about an insurance policy to keep Trump out of the office he is now in, and that insurance policy seems to be a secret society.

Whats more is that the FBI, which we are supposed to put our trust in, has lost 5 months of correspondence between Strzok and Page. It seems to be human error, just like the false missile alarm in Hawaii, but in an interview with Fox News, Congressman Trey Gowdy said – “… in the texts we do have, they (Strzok and Page) are discussing how to avoid texts being captured and secured.”

This does raise suspicions as to whether the FBI has lost the messages for real, which would be a blow to the FBI’s credibility, OR whether the FBI is trying to protect the Mueller Investigation from scrutiny and itself wants President Donald Trump to be out of the office, which would also be a big blow to the FBI’s credibility since it would imply that the agency is willing to remain transparent as long as someone who they support is in the White House as President of the United States. Either be the case, the FBI has been cornered and the FBI’s credibility is definitely in jeopardy.



After so many revelations with people within the FBI referring to an Anti-Trump “insurance policy” it does become clear that the FBI has sadly become corrupt. This was an organisation we the people could lay our trust in but the FBI seems to be set upon digging their own credibility’s grave, with big massive shovels at that. In fact, it is also throwing the name of our intelligence agency’s name into the dirt. President Donald Trump waged a war against the corrupt political elite and the elites within such intelligence agencies and did win a part of it when he got elected as President of The United States.

The media has for long lambasted people like Mark Dice and Alex Jones for talking about secret societies and how the controlled the United States. In fact, even the Wikipedia page on Mark Dice suggests that he is a conspiracy theorist and writes about conspiracies in his books.

But with the text exchanges between the FBI agents about the existence of a secret society, it doesn’t seem like a conspiracy theory. It is funny how today’s Main Stream Media likes to paint theories which do have reasoning and proof behind them but are not in the favor of their narrative or in favor of the person they tend to lean toward. This is a threat to a free society as a whole because if someone just dismisses something as a conspiracy theory without giving sufficient proof that it is, that’s just silencing debate. There is a lot of proof that such secret societies do exist. Just take the case of Rockefeller buying the Press to put Mckinley in the office of the President of the United States, much like Hillary Clinton’s campaign, probably buying the Press to put herself in the office, except it didn’t work this time. There are people who control the Press and hence in many cases what the people think. That isn’t a conspiracy. Whats conspiracy is the insurance policy and a secret organisation Peter Strzok talks about to keep President Trump out of the office of the President. A conspiracy by definition is a secret plot to do something unlawful or harmful. To suggest that a person’s opinion is a conspiracy, without actually laying down facts which contradict him is simply silencing debate, a hobby which today’s left and liberals have adopted quite conveniently.

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