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Abortions- (The Pro-Lifers vs. The Pro-Abortionists)

Since a large government sucks, the government legalizing “abortions” has sparked debate between pro-lifers and pro-abortionists.

The good thing about the united states was that I don’t have to give a damn about what you think of me or what you do, and you don’t have to give a damn about what I think of you and what I do. This blessing goes away they day the government leans in and steps forward from the line of the objectivity of law and order to subjectivity of law and order. All of us can agree that crime is bad, that is objectivity, abortions, not so much. I being a conservative, am not pro-abortions, including the 1% of the women getting an abortion who were raped. Since the government did intervene, it does make it an issue for all Americans in support or in opposition of Abortions.

Like much of what the left have exploited, the left and the liberals continue to demonize us conservatives for our own opinions, talking about morality and emotions, but much like most of the arguments posed by the leftists and the liberals, they can easily be rendered defunct by simple facts. Here are some of the arguments the liberals make to justify abortions.

1. “My Body My Choice” argument :- In most of the pro-abortion rallies or women and men wearing inappropriate costumes and calling President Donald Trump a tyrannical leader without actually recognizing the fact that he isn’t because he isn’t suppressing their right to congregate and protest, it is common to see people carrying “My Body My Choice” posters. Now here’s some facts which I believe are pretty obvious. It isn’t your body that you are killing, it isn’t your story that you are silencing, it isn’t your voice that you are silencing. It is the body of the fetus, the soon to be another person, it is the voice of another person that you are silencing, it is another person’s story that you would be silencing. No one should interfere with what somebody else’s does, as long as it is quite objective, hence, a man or a woman should not make a decision which kills someone else. The left and the feminists actually exemplify my point. It isn’t the woman’s body which gets killed in an abortion, it is the fetus’s. It might be in your uterus, still it isn’t your body.

More than feminism, today’s left and liberals are exploiting this issue to demonize conservatives. Since the government has legislated and passed the decision to make abortions legal, it expects me to accept some other woman getting an abortion, regardless of my own opinion. If anybody’s voice is being silenced other than the soon to be fetus’s it is the conservatives. Not that I as a conservative wanted the government to make abortions illegal. I just want the government to stay totally out of it. This is what a big government does, it meddles with issues which it should not. A big government steps over the line of objectivity and legislates on things which are way more subjective than necessary.

2. A donation argument :-  This argument can go two ways-

  •  Blood Donation – This goes with the pro-abortionist asking if you, the pro-lifer, have donated blood. If you have, well the liberal is probably gonna call you a liar and ironically would at some point in his life would call Alex Jones a conspiracy theorist if he is a true liberal or will be reasonable and would move on. If you haven’t, he/she would ask you the reason behind it, and 90% (figuratively) of the chances are that you would say that it is your body and hence your choice. The liberal would drill down on you and say that you might be killing another live person by not donating your blood to another person. The thing is that you should donate blood. Sure you can agree with donating your blood, but you don’t need to donate your blood to render this argument defunct, you just need facts, and the facts are, that roughly 10% of the population of the united states donate blood, which is 32.31 million. 32.31 million people donate their blood each year, as opposed to the 4.5 million people who need a blood transfusion. Hence the chances of somebody dying because you in particular didn’t donate blood are as high as the increase in the speed of rotation of the earth when you jump. Although you can and should donate blood when the balance is disturbed and their are more people needing a blood transfusion than the number of people donating.
  • Organ Donation – This goes with the pro-abortionist asking if you, the pro-lifer have donated your kidneys and other donatable organ like your a part of your lung with which you can still survive. The Argument is a bit same, that since you haven’t donated an organ since it is your body your choice, you are killing another person. The pro-abortionist would be implying the same argument I made in debunking “my body my choice.” The thing is, that you aren’t killing someone by not donating your kidney, or a part of your liver or lung. The reason being, that there are much more economical ways to not die or to meet the lack of an organ or an organ failure. Just for an example,

1.Cost of heamodialysis is- $53,000 to $72,000

Cost of Renal Transplant is- $260,000 just for surgery, not counting the                                         complications and immuno-suppressives that one has to take.

2.Cost of stem cell therapy for lungs- <$8,000

Cost of a part lung transplant- $45,000

So you aren’t killing someone if you don’t donate your kidney or a lung transplant, in fact you might save that person’s money.

3. The Cellular Argument- Another argument used by the liberals is that when people drink alcohol or when men sexually self-gratify themselves, they are killing potential human beings as they are killing the sperm cells. The thing is, that a sperm isn’t a potential human being, a sperm+egg is. You can keep as many sperm cells under viable conditions they still won’t grow up to form a human. It simply can’t. However a sperm+an egg, which is called a zygote, will grow up to form a human body. That isn’t even a moral argument, it is a scientific argument, that a sperm can NOT form a human being, a sperm+an egg can and does.

4. The Cost Argument- Many liberals argue that the cost of post-natal care is high and hence an abortion. The thing with this argument is that when you can’t afford to have a baby, why even get pregnant with one? It is so easy to avoid getting pregnant. 28.1 Million people in the united states don’t have an insurance so an abortion pill costs $900, a condom costs a dollar.

5. Rape- A woman has been raped hence she has the right to abort the baby as she didn’t chose to get pregnant, that’s what they argue on the other side. That’s just like them saying that the gun is responsible for the mass shooting, not the person actually shooting it. Well just because the subject woman was violated, doesn’t mean that she avenges it by killing a person who didn’t do anything. The rapist should be the one who should be dealt with harshly, as harsh as one could be, even if it kills him. (or her) The baby isn’t the culprit, the rapist is. The rapist should be punished, not the soon to be a baby.

6. Small Government- Liberals argue that since, we conservatives want a smaller government, abortions shouldn’t be made illegal. First off, small government doesn’t mean no government. A government protects the life of its citizens, and since the baby ( or the fetus during pregnancy ) is a life, the government has to protect it as well.

7. The Vegan Argument- Most of the times, liberals say that a killing is a killing and it is hypocritical to be okay with one form of killing (i.e. the killing of an animal other than our own species) but not okay with another form of killing (i.e. an abortion) and lets face it, most of us are indeed non- vegetarian. To such liberals, pardon me if I care more about my own species than other species. Pardon me if in a nuclear holocaust, you so fear under President Trump in the same way you feared one under former President Reagan, I would care more about the humans who are injured and mauled than I would about a cat or any other species of animals/plants. It would be really better if we leave other species to handle their own matters.

8. The Hypocrisy Argument- Liberal- “You are for birth control measures like condoms, you are killing a potential person, oh the hypocrisy!”

Conservative- ” An individual sperm cell and an individual egg cell have as much potential to form human beings as you ever accepting rationality.”

Again, I said it before, an individual sperm cell can not form a human being under ANY circumstances. And individual egg cell can not form a human being under ANY circumstances. If both of them aren’t allowed to fuse, they do not form a life at all. And their is a difference between a living cell and a living organism.

9. The ‘Humane’ Argument-  In some cases, the fetus has a noticeable congenital disease/abnormality, like lissencephaly, where the fetus’s brain lacks the convulsions and is significantly smaller, can be detected during pregnancy itself. The liberals would argue that it is more humane to abort the baby as it would lead a miserable life. Now I would agree that it isn’t the fault of the mother or the father because it all depends on luck and genes. It is only in this case I make a moral argument, because the left is making one as well. Any life is better than no life. To answer the abnormality ‘lissencephaly’ itself, a child with this abnormality still can live up to 10 years. So when the child has the life expectancy of 10 years, why not give him/her one. One rational argument which the left makes with regards to specifically such kinds of abnormalities is that the cost of raising such a child is really really high, and many families can not afford it, and it isn’t their fault that their child has such an abnormality, they never wanted their child to be such. My first response is that they value money over life. But lets be practical. In such cases, I want the government to help people with such heavy hearts. It should provide some relief to the unfortunate parents who wanted to have a child.

Just a point to be noted, what I said above only pertains to congenital abnormalities, not the ones which occur due to the mother taking drugs and neither the ones which occur during parturition, like cerebral palsy.

10. Person-hood begins when fetus is viable- Most scientists say that the fetus gains some sort of consciousness after 24 weeks. Agreed, a fetus is conscious after 24 weeks, still it doesn’t mean that ‘Person-hood’ begins after 24 weeks. No one refutes the fact that the fetus is conscious only after 24 weeks, what we do refute is that it should be called a person only after 24 weeks. A person knocks himself off and becomes unconscious, does this mean we should kill him? And why should we agree with the leftist idea of ‘person-hood’ it isn’t scientific. I say a person begins at conception, he attains the physical appearance of a homo-sapien after some time. They say that the fetus can’t survive on its own, so? Even adults can’t survive own their own, we can’t survive without food and water

11. It’s sexist-  “Its so sexist to be against abortions”. No, it would have had been sexist if men somehow could carry and deliver a baby, were allowed to have abortions but women weren’t.

12. We want population control- Liberals argue that an abortion is a way to keep population growth under check. Well if you are so concerned about population control, why not use a contraceptive? If you are so concerned about population control, why get pregnant anyway?

13. The fetus can’t feel pain before 26 weeks- The fetus doesn’t have proper sensory organs before 26 weeks, hence it doesn’t sense pain and the abortion is totally painless. Well, give me anaesthesia and I wouldn’t feel pain as well, doesn’t mean you can kill me.

14. The Decision Argument- Liberals say that if parents can make medical decision for minors, they can make the decision of aborting the baby if both of them agree. The two aren’t relatable. The reason being that the reason why the parents have the ability to make a medical decision for their minor is because the minor doesn’t know what the disease is or what its implications could be. It is pretty obvious that the parents are more likely to know more about a certain ailment than their minor. The second reason why these two aren’t relatable is because pregnancy isn’t a disease or an ailment.

It is really easy to debunk most of the arguments used by the liberals to justify abortions with simple facts. But it boils down to the government passing the law making it legal. If a law is passed in the united states making pork legal, it would upset the Jewish people who don’t eat pork, although pork is already being eaten all over our country. The government should stay out of our daily lives and not legislate on issues which are subjective and vary heavily from person to person.

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