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Government Shutdown 2018

The government shutdown under President Trump, a shameful political tactic.

The year 2013, Republicans shutdown the government out of fear that reckless healthcare would rob the american citizens of their money.

The year 2018, Democrats shutdown the government out of fear of losing the illegal and undemocratic vote of illegal immigrants.

That precisely sums up what the standards have become for a government shutdown. Although the shutdown lasted for nearly 3 days, from Saturday, January 20, 2018 to the evening of Monday, January 22, 2018 and did not cause much damage which is generally caused by a government shutdown, that doesn’t mean that we can overlook the reason behind the shutdown.

When the republicans shutdown the government in 2013 so as to demonstrate their resentment to the Affordable Care Act, every single Democrat pushed their agenda of calling all Republicans evil and flooded the news networks by calling upon the Republicans to care about the country and not the political party’s own agenda. Senator Chuck Schumer on ABC said in 2013

A Government Shutdown is Governmental Chaos.


The central question here is why the Republican Party is putting its own agenda before the country’s agenda….

From what is evident, in Schumer’s mind, it is governmental chaos only when the Republican Party shuts down the government with the Democratic Party at large, and a Democrat President. It isn’t no hearsay “Practice what you Preach” and this year, Senator Schumer along with the Democrats made their hypocrisy more evident by shutting down the government.

The Democrats claimed in 2013-The Republican Party is responsible for the Government Shutdown.

The Democrats claim  in 2018 –  The Republican Party is responsible for the Government Shutdown.

Situations poles apart, but the excuse the same. It isn’t permissible by simple logic that if the Republicans were responsible for the shutdown in 2013, the Republicans are responsible for the Shutdown this year. The Democrats are doing a poor job in covering up for their desperate want for the votes of the illegal immigrants in the united states since apparently they fall short of the vote of the American Citizens, but what they don’t fall short of is excuses. Every time the Democratic Party screws up, they blame somebody or something. Just take the example of Hillary Clinton. Instead of owning that she ran a lousy campaign, she lashes out against President Obama, FBI Director James Comey and other things like e-mails which did have a severe blow to her ‘lead’ in the polls. She showed that she didn’t want the e-mails to be released but probably wanted the Trump Access Hollywood Tape to go viral. That’s just another example of the Democrat hypocrisy.

The Democrats justify their shutdown by saying “they care for the care for the Dreamers”. At the same time they say that “it isn’t their shutdown”. These statements aren’t even coherent. The Democrats want the people to believe that they care so much about the Dreamers that they shutdown the government, and at the same time they also want the people to believe that they didn’t shutdown the government. Whats more funny is the twitter header on Senator Schumer’s twitter account with the #AmericanDreamer. That isn’t the american dreamer, that is the mexican dreamer since they technically are the citizens of Mexico.  Sure we can take care about the Mexican Dreamer, as long as every American Dreamer’s dreams have already been fulfilled, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a government serving it’s people, it would be the government serving the Mexicans who violate our country by crossing the border, especially when there is a path to legal citizenship. The thing about the Democrats is that they think that since the illegal immigrants probably voted for them, they should serve them as well. The thing is, that they have the obligation to serve to the American Citizens, not Mexican citizens. And that isn’t racist, it is just a fact. Every country wants to serve its own people, and if you think that that’s selfish, well I wouldn’t be able to call you a person who appreciates competition.

The House Majority Leader, Mitch McConnel, may have had ended the shutdown by offering the Democrats virtually nothing, it hasn’t still ruled out the possibility of another shutdown.Since the shutdown ended with a Continued Resolution to fund the government till February 8th giving them time to discuss and vote on DACA, but if the Democrats simply want their way and not negotiate DACA, we might have another government shutdown after that. I strongly feel that the Republicans shouldn’t use the ‘nuclear option’ to pass the budget through a sheer majority vote since it would just set it as a precedent for the Democrats to follow whenever the situation is reversed. Also, it wouldn’t be favorable for the GOP  to do this as the Democrats would feature in their propaganda that the Republicans don’t care about the minorities in the House and then extrapolate like they always do and bring it down to race and sexism and all that fuzz the left loves to argue about with emotion and passion instead of facts and statistics. The Democrats “are happy to strike a deal” to quote Senator Schumer. They probably made it evident when this happened:-

They boycotted the meeting in Nov 2017 which could have had reached some common ground and may have had avoided having the shutdown.

I wonder who said this on CNN with regards to a government shutdown-

 I will shutdown the government if I don’t get my way. Its a policy of idiocy of confrontation of paralysis and finally what happened was that Barack Obama and the Democrats said we’re not going to give in to this kind of brinkmanship.

If you guessed Senator Chuck Schumer, you are correct.

The Democrats have made it evident that they have a separate set of standards for themselves and another for others, much like Hillary Clinton who had one public policy and one of her own.

What do you think?

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