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The State of the Union Address- The Citizen’s Response versus the Democrat’s Response

As patriotic and unifying as President Trump’s State of the Union was, he is still subjected to criticism.

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018. President Donald Trump delivers his first State of the Union Address which was by far, one of the best speeches he has made throughout his campaign and his presidency. In fact, according to a CBS poll. 75% of Americans approve of his speech and agree that it was unifying and charismatic. Yet the Main Stream Media and the Liberal Democrats continue to sow a racial conflict in everything and anything they find which might help them to promote their agenda, totally oblivious to what the facts are. Seemingly, the Democrats had already prepared the statement that the speech was divisive in nature and turned a blind eye to what President Donald Trump actually said. Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi tweeted out-

It is a mystery how saying

Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve

in the speech means that President Trump is divisive. It is a wonder how President Trump’s address could be construed as divisive when he clearly called out for unity and to serve the American Citizen.

President Donald Trump was criticized for having invoked the blessings of God. The United States was meant to be a country where one can profess his or her religion without any hassles or any shame. From what is apparent by the response of the Liberals, Democrats and the Main Stream Media to President Trump’s State of the Union Address, they despise that as well.

With tweets such as these from MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the entire Main Stream Media went crazy for President Trump invoking God Almighty and professing his religion as a Christian. This does nothing but make the liberal hypocrisy more blatant. Whenever their is a mass shooting, and people rightly blame radical Islamic ideologies, the Main Stream Media and the liberals are the first ones to label them ‘islamophobes’. Well in this case, should we the people call the Liberals “Christian-phobic”? Today in the United States, the only culture you can insult is Christianity. Imagine if it were a Muslim president and if Joy Reid had tweeted out “Islam….Family….Crime….” The amount of backlash might as well have had ended Joy Reid’s career.It seems that Joy Reid is criticizing the President for being a Christian, who cares about the American Families, who cares about the criminal activity in our country and also who cares if our nation is respected by all, especially its citizens. It seems that 8 years of President Obama have rendered the office of the President of the United States to be a globalist, who apologizes to the entire world, apparently for having ended both the World Wars, for having defeated the Nazis, for having dissolved the Soviet Union for all the misery and havoc it had wrecked all over the world. Seemingly, Joy Reid wants the President of The United States to be apologizing for being American.

Moving on to Senator Schumer, he responded  by saying that President Trump should thank former President Obama for a booming economy. By the same logic, shouldn’t Bill Clinton be blamed for the economy under Bush Jr.? Not to mention the fact that President Donald Trump has nearly reversed the Obama Doctrine of putting more regulations on top of regulations. The policy followed by President Donald Trump is nearly a total reversal of the Obama economic policy. A country’s economy can crash with a single misstep. Just look at the impact ABC’s Brian Ross’s fake news had on the stock market. The DOW went down by a solid 500 points. Whats more interesting is that these same media outlets and individuals, who are now saying that President Trump should thank President Obama for a strong economy, also said that the stock market would crash, there would be mass inflation, mass unemployment, wages going down and millions of people homeless the day the then President-Elect Donald Trump would step into office. It is total hypocrisy, before President Donald Trump actually proved how well he can manage the economy, the liberals shouted out that the economy would crash within a week or so, admitting that President Trump’s policies are totally different from Obama’s and also that the effect of the predecessor doesn’t last much long. Now that his policies have worked out, they flip flopped to say that it is still Obama’s economy which is helping Trump. At one point they said that the economy is highly unstable and can change a lot from predecessor to successor, and now they say that the predecessor has a lot of effect on the economy of the successor.

Whatever come may, they have made it evident that they won’t attribute any good thing to Donald Trump, regardless of plain simple facts.

Senator Schumer also said with respect to the State of The Union Address

Words don’t mean much

First off, us conservatives and Trump supporters were told day and night that words do matter, when the Access Hollywood Tape was released, when the then Candidate Donald Trump pointed out that his were only words, while Hillary Clinton’s husband is a convicted sex offender. We were also told that words matter, when President Trump called out violence on both sides with respect to the violence in Charlottesville. We were told that words do mean a lot, when President Trump allegedly  called Haiti and other African Countries ‘**** holes’. But at this point, when President Trump is actually saying something which doesn’t go in favor of the Democratic Party’s agenda, they say that words don’t mean much. That is sheer hypocrisy.

Second, Senator Schumer is quite blatantly projecting his own way of thinking onto someone else. When the Government Shutdown 2018 began, Senator Schumer proclaimed that the Democrats are willing to strike a deal. He made it evident how willing he was by himself, along with Nancy Pelosi not showing up for the meeting with the President last year, which may have had avoided the possibility of a shutdown, as it was supposed to be discussing DACA and immigration. He is also showing how willing he is to strike a deal by still not accepting President Trump’s proposal to grant path to citizenship to 1.8 Million illegal citizens, 3 times more than Obama allowed. In return the Democrats would agree to fund the wall, and end chain migration along with DACA. This is a reasonable deal as President Trump is now backing on his claim to deport all of the 1.8 million illegal citizens and has offered to provide a path to citizenship. Still Schumer refuses to accept it, making very clear how willing he is to strike a deal.

A notable event within the State of The Union,besides the democrats and the black caucus not clapping the great news of the Black unemployment is the lowest ever recorded, was Democrat Luis Gutierrez walking out of the chamber in the middle of the Address, when the people gathered were chanting ‘USA….USA….USA..’, clearly demonstrating that the love for one’s country is something he despises so much that he couldn’t bear to listen a group of people hailing the greatness of the United States. It is a shame indeed how much the Democrats detest patriotism. What has the United States done that loving her could trigger some liberals? Does the United States murder her people based on their religion? Does the United States drown the people who may classify themselves as a part of the LGBTQ community? Does the United States still enslave people of color? Does the United States force women to give up their lives just because their husband died? Does the United States have laws that women always wear the hijab whenever they step outside? Does the United States denies women to vote? Does the United States not let women travel without the consent of a male? Does the United States specifically tells the police officers to shoot black people more? Does the United States command the African Americans to commit 54% of the homicides?

The answer to all of them is no. The United Kingdom has had a worse history of all those brutalities all over the world, but it seems that the United States is paying its price all over the world. What the Democrats would be happy about is apparently the head of the POTUS down in shame and apologizing all over the world for being the greatest nation in the world. Sure there are individuals who may still be doing misdeeds but the United States is not racist, or sexist, definitely not islamophobic (maybe christian-phobic sadly) as a whole. The United States or the Government or any other institution can’t control how people behave, it isn’t telling police officers to shoot black people. But the behavior of Luis Gutierrez clearly indicates that be believes the alternative. He wasn’t happy with rising wages, with decreasing unemployment of the Hispanic and the African American Community, it seems that he is the one who is racist.

The Democrats refused to stand up for their colleague Rep. Steve Scalise  who was shot brutally and was almost killed. They refused to stand for Otto Warmbier’s memory who was beaten and tortured in a labor camp in North Korea. They refused to appreciate the efforts of the 12 year old boy who took the pains of putting the American Flag on the graves of the veterans.

According to the Main Stream Media, the speech attacked immigrants. No, it didn’t attack immigrants, it attacked illegal immigrants. Besides, President Trump agreed to provide a path to citizenship to 1.8 million people who came into the United States illegally.

According to the Main Stream Media, the speech was divisive. Sure, saying that people from both parties need to set their differences aside and work together to serve the citizens they were elected to serve is clearly divisive.

According to the Main Stream Media, the speech was religiously insensitive. President Donald Trump boldly stated our motto

In God We Trust

God can be anyone a person has faith in, even if it were Lucifer. A person can be a satanist (since I am not making a moral argument here) and still hail Lucifer as his god. A person can be an atheist and call science his or her God. This is just common sense, but the Main Stream Media can even ignore simple facts in order to meet their agenda.

According to the Main Stream Media, the speech was racially insensitive. Apparently, celebrating the lowest black unemployment ever recorded is racially insensitive.

What was actually an attack on immigration is the wish of the Democrats to let unlimited people to come to the United States and have an open border and their refusal to compromise even a bit to strike a deal, even when President Trump backs off to allow 1.8 Million people a path to citizenship.

What was divisive indeed was Democrats not showing respect to the several dignitaries who had done selfless deeds like adopting a child to prevent drug abuse by the mother.

What was religiously insensitive was the Democrats not appreciating the Christians, the Jews, the  Buddhists, the Hindus, the Seekhs, and even the Atheists, the Satanists who believed and trusted in someone or something.

What was racially insensitive was the Democrats unhappy for the lowest black unemployment ever recorded and soaring wages.

The Democrats and the liberals would continue to make utter fools out of themselves and make evident that the sole thing that they care about is their agenda and can stoop to the lowest of standards and be factually incoherent. They can continue to live in their world of make-belief while we conservatives, along with President Trump continue to move forward, proud of our country.

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