Ronald Reagan – One Of Two Truly Conservative Presidents

Have Reagan’s Ideas Been Reintroduced and Repopularized in the age of Trump?

Ronald Reagan will go down as one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen, and one of the greatest leaders the world will ever know. Under Reagan, the Cold War was ended, Taxes were lowered for all citizens, and religious liberties were expanded. On this day after Reagan’s birthday, Americans are now once again led by a true conservative and political outsider.

Both strong capitalists, Reagan and Trump have been closely aligned ever since Trump’s upset electoral victory over “Crooked Hillary”, as Reagan’s first Presidential win was also an upset. And with their tough stances on Communist Nations and their belief that the American tax code should be made less costly and less complicated, both have entrenched themselves as some of the strongest ever conservative presidents. But this administration has been consistently undermined by both sides of the establishment aisle and the Mainstream Media, which has been against Trump from the beginning. Unfortunately for them, what the “resistance” refuses to recognize is that the American people wanted a change from the establishment, and a change from one of the most radical presidents in this country’s history to one of the greatest patriots the world has ever seen.

Under Trump, the economy has gone through the roof, African-American unemployment is at an all time low, Female employment is at an all time low, and the GDP is at its highest point in a long, long time. Yet the anti-Trump coalition is insistent on their belief that all of these accomplishments are Obama’s doing. In the words of the famous Esurance commercial, “that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!” Under Trump ISIS has been thrown to its near end, and North Korea has been scared into finally negotiating with its neighbor to the south. Yet the Democrats continue to oppose his foreign policy agenda. Finally, immigration. Although nothing has yet to be completed as far as immigration goes, we the American people stand strong in the fact that we are done with illegals of all kind! Yet both sides of the aisle have stood strong on trying to give amnesty. Pardon my language, but you damn hippies need to get off your asses and do something for the American people for once in your life. These illegals will continue to give Democrats voters and continue the flood of aliens into this great nation. Although America is the land of equal opportunity, that opportunity starts even before these people enter the country.

But I digress. In the spirit of Reagan, Americans and Conservatives everywhere need to continue to fight for their vision of what this country should be, a nation full of God-fearing people.

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