The Dow Jones Drops 1,000+ Points and Liberal Hypocrisy.

The Dow Jones has dropped a historic 1,000+ in less than a week, and liberals show their hypocrisy yet again.

This week the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped about 1,000+ and liberals are taking the holier than thou position saying it’s Trump’s fault. What frustrates me is when there was great economic success in Trump’s first year liberals credited it all to Obama, but now that it’s dropped they’ve suddenly switched saying it was Trump’s fault. Think about that for a second…….. Why did it change? Oh maybe because the “Obama is to credit for this” excuse only works when it’s something positive. OH NO we liberals have to be dishonest and pivot when something negative happens to the economy under Trump so it can fit our narrative/agenda. That’s the logic that goes on in these liberals minds. That is a god awful logical fallacy. It is dishonest. They do this to try and make Obama look like he’s a saint and the best president to ever walk the earth (which we know he wasn’t). Obama did worse for the economy by putting stifling regulations on companies and trying to destroy the coal industry. So yeah, Obama isn’t to credit for Trump’s first year economic success, and he is not the reason for the Dow Jones drop. This whole distorting of facts to fit a narrative/agenda needs to stop because it is honestly petty and makes your side look bad if you do it, whether a liberal or a conservative does it.

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