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Main Stream Media on Kim’s side?

Apparently, the Main Stream Media is hailing Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo-Jong as someone who should be looked up to.

As if the Main Stream Media couldn’t prove that it is Anti-American, it hails Kim Yo-Jung, Kim Jong Un’s sister as a great personality and one who people and especially women should look up to. They go on to suggest that she is the ‘Ivanka Trump of North Korea’.

Yeah, they literally compare one of the chief strategist of Kim Jong Un’s Regime, a regime which tortures its own people for simply saying that they don’t agree with Kim Jong Un. And yeah, since she is one of the chief strategist, she basically is the one, beside from Kim Jong Un of course, who plays a big part as to whether a person should be tortured under a veil, i.e. sent to a labor camp, or be tortured explicitly. She is the person next in command in North Korea after Kim Jong Un. It would be safe to say that brother and sister together manage North Korea with torture, aggression and terror. If you are good to the dictator, you get a good position in society, if you don’t you would probably live your worst nightmare.

A woman who is basically an enabler of torture and terror, both physical and mental, is compared to a woman who has worked for uplifting women all around the world, who has traveled all around the world representing greatly our beloved country, which according to liberals is inherently sexist, who has held summits all around the world and has delivered speeches to let women have the same rights as men, who is a strong working woman who has spread the message of love and harmony all over the world. Ivanka Trump went to India, where women’s rights are fringed upon even though they have had a female president, and told the people that women entrepreneurs are as good as men. Yeah this is the comparison the Main Stream Media makes. Nice!

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  1. The main stream media ALWAYS sides with ALL anti-American regimes whether liberal, socialist, communist or islamist, unless of course we are governed by an administration that falls into one of these categories.

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