Trumps Military parade

Military parade, what I think about it, and why it should happen.

Recently President Trump told the pentagon that he wanted a Military parade and for them to plan for one. Since then, many have protested against it (like always)… Many liberals have vowed to stand in front of the parade to stop it from going on. Many at the Capitol have even started a petition to stop it from happening (including Republicans). It is sad that our very own citizens and elected officials would rather our great country look like cowards then to look strong. We need to show off our Military muscles and let other countries, mostly North Korea, know not to mess with us. The last Military parade the US had was in 1991 after during the gulf war. During the Clinton, Bush, & Obama aministrations, other countries have seen us as weak and they think they can take advantage of us and bully us. Well not anymore! We finally have a President who isn’t afraid to stand up to the enemy. This great parade will happen, even if ‘We the people’ have to fight for it.

What do you think?

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Will Smith

Written by Will Smith

My name is Will Smith, I am 15 & from Alabama. Politics is my sport.

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