The Rob Porter Controversy-Would President Trump emerge unscathed?

One of the top White House top staffers has been dumped after being alleged with several cases of sexual assault by his ex-wives. But what do the MSM really want out of it?

Rob Porter, who served as the White House Staff Secretary under President Trump until 7th February, 2018 resigned over allegations made on him by his ex-wives, Jennifer Willoughby and Colbie Holderness, for sexually and physically assaulting them multiple times in a fit of rage and despondency. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly defended Porter but changed his stance when a disturbing photograph of Jennifer with several wounds on her eyes surfaced. This has put the White House in a bit of sticky position.

Now all of us can agree that any sort of assault is bad and should be dealt with severely. But it would be wrong to punish the accused without sufficient evidence isn’t justice. Just like every Muslim isn’t a terrorist until proven guilty, every person associated with the Trump White House is innocent until proven guilty. It is really easy to forge an image with a great editing software, it takes me barely a minute to make a thumbnail. Am I saying that she shouldn’t be believed and be given a voice? NO. What I am saying is that one should not just assume that the accused has definitely done the thing. It has to be neutral. If you believe that the accuser is always correct, unless of course you always have the evidence, then you should also believe the person who has been accused. Humanity is intertwined with greed and malice, and both, the accused and the accuser may been driven by greed and malice. Hence it isn’t wrong or bad to say that the accused should have some say in all of this and should have some due process, which precisely what President Trump has said.

But it is quite clear from the media’s coverage of this issue that they aren’t going after Porter for the allegations, instead they are politicizing the issue and going after President Trump. The Main Stream Media is simply assuming that Jennifer is true, without actually a formal hearing or something like that. Now for a second, lets jump into the thinking of reporters on CNN. President Trump is undoubtedly in a tight spot since he can’t strongly condemn Porter as allegations of the same sort have been made against him as well. This is what the Main Stream Media want to imply ; that if President Trump condemns Porter really strongly, then he should condemn himself as well.

What they are missing that the allegations which had been made against President Trump were already common knowledge before he was elected into office. People already knew about the allegations during the 2016 election cycle. The only new allegation against President Trump was by Stormy Daniels, a porn-star, and it wasn’t even an allegation. The then businessman did not rape or sexually assault Daniels, he allegedly engaged in intimate contact, and then he paid her for it, which basically how the porn industry works. So NO new allegations have been made which the general public didn’t already know of. Every Trump accuser came forward during the election cycle and were common knowledge. The people knew about the allegations and made their choice clearly keeping that in mind, since it was, again, common knowledge. This is the reason why the two, Porter and Trump can’t be connected. No one knew about the allegations on Porter before the elections, and hence he should be dealt with. The Main Stream Media is quite evidently wanting President Trump to resign because of the allegations made against him, just like Porter did, oblivious to the fact that President Trump was elected to office even when the allegations were common knowledge before as well, relieving President Trump from a lot of this. Now has President Trump thought about this difference, clearly not since he hasn’t made this argument as of now.

Just to clarify, I am not at all defending Porter or President Trump if the allegations made against them were true, but President Trump is under no obligation whatsoever to resign like Porter because of the allegations made against him, since he was elected to office even though the people knew about the allegations.

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